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Old Fashioned Cookies with Modern Flavor.

It All Started with Goldie

Most of my recipes are old, family recipes, some dating back to the 1800s. My love for these cookies started with my grandmother, Goldie, who was locally known in her small Montana town for her amazing cookies and well-stocked cookie jar.

It is my mission to continue a tradition of delicious cookies that are magic in every bite. Though these recipes have evolved and become my own, I know Goldie would be proud of the cookies she inspired.

You Need Cookies

And I want you to have them! There are many ways for Meg's Retro Cookies to meet your cookie needs.


If you live in Seattle and love the idea of having cookies delivered to your doorstep, we'll be awesome friends. Order at least one dozen cookies 24 hours in advance.


Looking for a unique and memorable treat for your special event or meeting? You've found it!


Find Meg's Retro Cookies at your local grocer.